Mock Ohio Double-Doodles

Purchase Contract

This PURCHASE CONTRACT is between the Seller (Ohio Double Doodles), and the Buyer:

Buyer Information








Seller reserves the right to have the option of the first pick of the litter without prior notice.  Buyer has agreed to pay a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500.00 to reserve a puppy. Deposits and Balances can be paid with cash, check or money order.  Checks and Money Orders can be made out to: Mock Double Doodles.  Buyer is aware that the puppies will be chosen in the order in which all customer deposits and/or contracts are received.  All reserved puppies will be selected on the weekend closest to their sixth week of age, unless otherwise stated by Seller.  Buyer is aware that his/her reservation cannot hold up the process of other customers by missing the date of selection. If such an event occurs, the Buyer’s turn will be forfeited to the next customer waiting to purchase a puppy.

Deposit Information

Puppy Information        

Litter Birthdate:



 Color  Price Number PLUS TAX
Black $1,200.00  
Chocolate $1,500.00  
Cream $1,500.00  
Gun-smoke $1,500.00   (Born black, turns grey at week 6)
Party Color $1,800.00  
Service Dog $2,500+up
Male Un-Decided  
Female   Service Dog ______________
(Please mail your dog tag with your last name on it.)
Size:   Dam:  Lilly or Beatrice
Breed/Generation   Stud: Bentley

You have the option to Pre-Order your puppy from our next litter.  All Pre-Ordered puppies are subject to PURCHASE CONTRACT rules as stated above.

_______ I would like to pre-order my puppy from the next litter.  See puppy selection information on previous page.

Buyer has agreed to pay the remaining balance when the selection of their reserved puppy has been completed at 6 weeks of age.  There will be a $15 per day boarding fee for any puppy kept over its “going home” date. (THIS DATE WILL BE DETERMINED WHEN PUPPY IS BORN.)

All puppy pick-up dates and times will be scheduled in advance, and will be between 8-11AM on scheduled date.


All puppies are sold on a pet contract unless otherwise stated.  You will need to have your puppy spayed or neutered at 6 months of age.  

*Breeding Rights:  If you choose to breed your puppy in the future, there is an additional $2500.00 fee for breeding rights.

All puppies will go home, up to date on all vaccines and dewormed.

While Doodles can be allergy friendly, sometimes that does not happen.  For allergy sufferers we recommend a multi-gene doodle from coat tested parents or f1b’s (doodle x poodle).  Please let us know if you have someone in your home with allergies. We, like any other breeder, cannot guarantee any dog to be allergy free. We are not able to offer visits to test if you will have an allergic reaction.

While we can give you the size of our dams and studs, we cannot make guarantees on the size that your puppy will become.

Health Guarantee

We offer a seven-day general health guarantee, and all puppies are guaranteed up to the age of 24 months against genetic conditions.  Please see attached document for our complete General Health Guarantee.

Agreement and Signatures:

By signing below, the Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read and reviewed the terms of this Purchase Agreement and the Health Guarantee. Buyer agrees and accepts both the purchase contract and health guarantee (attached). Both parties acknowledge that there are no other warranties or representations made with respect to the selected puppy other than as set forth herein.  Buyer’s puppy is being sold as a pet only and aware that there is an additional fee of $2500.00 for breeding rights.

Buyer:  _____________________________________ Date:  ______________________________

Seller:  _____________________________________ Date:  ______________________________

Date/Amount Deposit Received:  ______________________

Date Balance Received:  _____________________________

Mail Deposit to:

Mock-Office ODD                                                  Mock Farm Address

37 S. Cleveland Avenue                                        3416 Tisen Rd

Mogadore, OH 44260                                           Akron, Ohio 44312


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Deposit PDF -Mock Ohio Double Contract Spring 2019 Litter